art show

"Wisteria Showers" by Sandra Babb

Ringgold Art & Frame will host an exhibit and sale of works created from Impressions of Monet's Garden Thursday, Oct. 4, through Oct. 31.

The pieces are based on a week-long painting workshop in Giverny, France, home to French Impressionist painter Claude Monet. Durinda Cheek, instructor, Ringgold, led the group of artists hosted by Art Colony Giverny. Art Colony Giverny derives from the American and French artists who went to Normandy to paint in the 1800's while Claude Monet lived there. It is owned and managed by Caroline and Rich Nuckolls, Atlanta.

The participating local artists are Sandra Babb, Ringgold; Dorothy Powell, Dalton; Joyce Jones, Chattanooga; and Susan Miller, McDonald, Tennessee. Jo Thomas, Vermont, formerly of Chattanooga; Judy Rogers, Indiana; and Emi Anamizu of Oahu, Hawaii also attended. The group stayed in a converted mill that is adjacent to Monet's property. Each day the artists were allowed to paint in Monet's garden before it opened to the public and again in the evening after it was closed, affording them the opportunity to have the peaceful garden to themselves. This allowed the painters to have the early morning light and the warm evening light in which to paint. Painting en plein air (French for “in the open air”) was how Monet and other Impressionist painters worked to capture the fleeting light.

Claude Monet purchased the house and property in the village of Giverny in 1883. Monet loved color and flowers and soon set out to create gardens that would bloom almost year round to serve as his subject matter. He also admired the Japanese sense of design and had a Japanese style bridge built over a pond of water lilies and iris. He lived there 43 years and painted daily taking his inspiration from the gardens he created. Today the gardens and house are run and preserved by the Foundation Claude Monet.

When not in the garden, the painters traveled to nearby Lavacourt where Monet painted the village of Vetheuil along the Seine River, in the courtyard of the Baudy Hotel where the other Impressionist painters of the 1880's stayed, and the village streets of Giverny. The group also took a day to visit Auvers where Vincent Van Gogh stayed before his death and where he is buried. One day was spent enjoying the outdoor market in the town of Vernon where live animals are sold for later meals!

This is the second workshop Durinda has led for Art Colony Giverny. She teaches painting and sketching at Townsend Atelier, Chattanooga and offers one painting workshop abroad each year. Capturing the Romance of Tuscany will be June 2019. The next Painting with Monet session will be spring 2020.

The show will consist of works that are based on the experiences of the week. Some will be paintings created on-site while others will be larger pieces that are based on sketches and plein air paintings while there. Among the works on exhibit are acrylics, graphite, oils, pastels, photography, and stained glass. Reception for the artists is Thursday, October 4, 5-7 p.m. Ringgold Art and Frame is located at 7825 Nashville Street, Ringgold, Georgia. Phone: 706-935-2844. Ringgold Art & Frame is open Tuesday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Show continues through Oct. 31.

For more information: Durinda Cheek, or phone: 423-802-9787.