April 12 was teachers’ day at the Heritage High School greenhouse run by HHS agriculture teacher and Future Farmers of America advisor Meagan Shearer.

Several teachers poured over plants grown by students, trying to choose from among nearly 100 different types.

To say that Shearer is enthusiastic about growing anything that will take root is a huge understatement. Her passion infects her students so much that even long after they’ve graduated from her classes, they visit the greenhouse to help out.

Shearer teaches basic agriculture , agriculture business leadership, general horticulture, floriculture, forest sciences and animal sciences at HHS. "I get the kids into the greenhouse as soon as possible," she says, "and focus on hands-on experience."

"I grew up in Kentucky on a beef, barley and tobacco farm," says Shearer. "Farming has been my life. I like the animal part of farming, but I really fell in love with plants. I love seeing the kids learn about all the ways plants grow and teaching them how to create the best environments for growth."

The annual HHS plant sale will be open to the public on April 23 and 24 from 3 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. each day. The greenhouse can be found a short distance down the entrance to the high school, on the left.

To learn more, visit facebook.com/hhsffagenerals.