Graysville Leadership Team

School counselor Susan Blair (right) and her service dog, Walter, worked with the Graysville Elementary School Leadership Team to fill the back of a Jeep with supplies to help homeless animals in North Georgia. (Photo/Kris Richardson)

Every year, the Leadership Team at Graysville Elementary School commits to a project to help their community.

This year, the team decided it wanted to help North Georgia Animal Alliance (NGAA) with its rescue work by donating supplies to contribute to the comfort of animals awaiting permanent homes.

"It was wonderful," says NGAA secretary Kris Richardson. "Susan Blair, a counselor at the school, called and asked how they could help. They gave pet food, dog and cat beds, towels, blankets, toys and other things to help the animals."

Richardson says the teachers at Graysville often help NGAA with donations. "We’re so grateful for everything they do."

Leadership Team members include Chance Pritchard, Luke Garverick, Jacob Duarte, Brooke Baldwin, Kinsley Forscutt, Maggie Lusk, Brayden Roach, Pierce Pennington, Maryclaire Rast and Allie Massengale.