The Freedom From Religion Foundation has made its displeasure with Catoosa County Schools known again.

“A concerned parent has reported that the 2018 Ringgold High School graduation ceremony, which took place at the school on Friday, May 25, began with a prayer,” reads the June 22 letter from FFRF lawyer Christopher Line.

“We’ve written to you regarding constitutional violations occurring in CCPS several times over the past couple of years without receiving a response,” Line wrote in his letter, “including a July 21, 2017 letter regarding a religious fundraiser and crosses and a September 29, 2017 letter regarding a religious club at Ringgold Elementary School.”

The letter goes on to cite several past court decisions that support FFRF’s stance and says that by scheduling prayers at graduation, “the District abridges its duty” to remain neutral and “alienates the 38% of younger Americans who are not religious.”

FFRF, which is a non-profit organization based in Madison, Wisc., maintains that “government prayers” are not only unconstitutional but “unnecessary, ineffective, embarrassing, exclusionary, divisive or just plain silly.”

Catoosa County Schools Superintendent Denia Reese says the school system’s attorney is looking into the matter.