Georgia Download Destinatiton

You’re on Facebook looking over everyone’s latest selfies and you’re thinking, "There has to be something more worthwhile I can be doing."

Meet GADD Overdrive. GADD stands for Georgia Download Destination. Overdrive is a service through the public library system that allows you to borrow – at no cost – over 5,000 audio books and over 11,000 e-books, as well as a handful of videos.

So, let’s say you want to read a popular novel or a motivational book. Maybe you’d like to learn Spanish or improve your English pronunciation. You might want to read up on diet and nutrition or learn what it’s like to be a Secret Service agent. There are books for you at GADD Overdrive.

Thinking of starting a business or applying for a new job? That’s covered, too.

There’s something for everyone, from children to adults, from the casual reader to the learner or seeker.

If you’re short on time, borrow an audio book and someone will read to you. Pop on some headphones and listen to a book while you exercise or wait at the doctor’s office or the auto shop. Listen while you drive. Gather the family round the campfire and listen to something together. How cool is that? You can listen on your phone, computer, tablet, Kindle and lots of other devices.

Books can be borrowed for 7-14 days. The site has features to keep track of what you’ve read and what you’d like to read. You can listen to excerpts of audio books before borrowing.

"Beginning in February," says Catoosa County Library Director Richard Groves, "GADD will be switching to a new provider, so people will also have access to a lot of magazines and to several thousand more audiobooks."

If you’ve ever looked at the cost of buying or renting audio and e-books, even used ones, you’ll appreciate this service all the more.

Getting started

To take a look at books available, check out

If you already have a library card, go to to set up an account, then go to to borrow books using your card.

If you don’t have a library card, go to the Catoosa County Library and they’ll get you set up with one: 108 Catoosa Circle, Ringgold. You can reach the library by phone at 706-965-3600, by email at or on Facebook at