Benjamin Tyler Case

Benjamin Tyler Case

A man was arrested for theft in Fort Oglethorpe after he allegedly stole his girlfriend's SUV and then crashed it in Hamilton County, Tenn., police say.

According to the Fort Oglethorpe Police Department:

Benjamin Tyler Case, 35, of South Pittsburgh, Tenn., was arrested Oct. 3 on a charge of felony theft.

Officers were dispatched to the Park Lake Apartment complex on Cloud Springs Road just before 2:30 a.m. Tuesday, Oct. 3, after a woman claimed Case had stolen her vehicle.

"The victim said her boyfriend, Benjamin Case, told her he was going outside to make a phone call," Officer Micah Alexander said. "She told me she went to her room for bed and then came out to check on him when she realized her keys were missing, as were Case and her car."

The woman added that she called Case after realized he'd left in the vehicle, at which point he stated he'd just had a wreck in Hamilton County, Tenn.

Shortly thereafter, the woman called Case and allowed officers to listen in via speakerphone as he made aggravated statements like, "there better not be any police when I get there," and "you better not have called the police."

Case claimed he was at a gas station along Cloud Springs Road, and officers went to meet him.

During the arrest, officer Alexander experienced a scary moment when he was pricked in the finger by a needle Case was carrying in his pocket.

Case said the needle was used for testosterone injections.

Officer Alexander immediately went to Cornerstone Medical Center to get checked out with a precautionary blood draw, and Case was subsequently taken to jail witout further incident.

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