FantDriveFix Jeff Long

Fort Oglethorpe Public Works and Recreation Director Jeff Long discusses the details of extra roadwork that was recently completed on Fant Drive during the Aug. 13 City Council meeting. / Adam Cook

Road crews in Fort Oglethorpe were recently able to complete emergency road repairs to Fant Drive off Battlefield Parkway by piggybacking the work to an existing road project.

According to Public Works and Recreation Director Jeff Long, construction crews were able to include the needed work to a contract that was already in progress.

“Back in April of this year, the City Council awarded our contract with Talley Construction for our state 2018 LMIG project in which we did a mile of Mack Smith Road,” Long said. “We had approved up to $300,000 and that has been completed.”

During the Aug. 13 City Council meeting, Long explained to the board that impromptu work was able to be added as a change order to the Talley contract.

“In the meantime, due to the winter weather and the wet spring and summer that we’ve had, a portion of Fant Drive started coming apart, so we did an emergency repair on that,” Long said. “After that was completed, the project for Mack Smith Road and this project falls under the $300,000…I think it was $297,000 for both.”

With the work coming in under budget, Long needed the council’s approval for the change order from a simple housekeeping standpoint.

“So we’re asking approval just to clear up the paperwork for the auditors that we added Fant Drive for $51,000 to this project through a change order,” Long said.

Long added that the work was completed in a timely manner, and that a top layer will be added to the road in the spring.

“It’s already complete,” he said. “They were in the area, and were able to get on it, so we did get this done. We milled it milled it down two and a half inches and put two inches of binder back on that bad section. That will have it in good shape, and then this spring we’ll top it from state route 2 (Battlefield Parkway) all the way to Cloud Springs Road there.”