shopping for seniors

Seniors can be difficult to purchase gifts for and often state they have everything they need, which makes gift-giving even more difficult. Try to choose a gift that evokes positive memories or a gift that will get regular use.

Turn a favorite family photo or vacation memory into a beautiful piece of art for your parent’s wall.

A digital photo frame can be loaded with a variety of images and videos for your mom to enjoy all year long.

Work with family members to create a scrapbook full of favorite memories of your mom or dad.

Compile your parent’s favorite recipes into a family cookbook that you print at your local copy store.

A lovely, cozy blanket is always an appreciated gift.

A subscription to a favorite magazine or reminiscing tool (remember to get large print if it is available or tuck in a handy magnifying bookmark to complete the gift).

A subscription to a meal preparation service that sends ingredients for nutritious and delicious recipes right to your mom’s door.

Snug and safe socks make a great stocking stuffer.

A monthly (or quarterly) subscription will keep them with new flowers or chocolate all year long.

A basket for your parent’s walker or mobility device.

If purchasing gifts for a parent who is living in a senior care community, keep your gifts space-friendly and useful:

Gift cards to favorite restaurants (make sure they deliver to your parent’s apartment or home) or shops (make sure the shop is accessible on the community’s transportation route)

A senior-friendly tablet uploaded with a few favorite (and easy-to-manage) games or social media apps

Favorite lotions or shower gels

Gift certificate for the community’s hair salon, covering the cost of a haircut, style or pedicure

A new wreath or welcome sign for your mom’s home apartment door (be sure your gift is fireproof and allowed by community guidelines)

A houseplant in a lovely basket for your dad to grow and enjoy

Buying a gift for a parent who is living with dementia can be extra emotional and trying, so consider buying gifts that will evoke happy memories, engage them, or assist them with everyday tasks

A monthly calendar personalized with family photos

Recordable books, complete with his or her grandchild reading the story aloud

A DVD with family photos set to familiar music

Sensory activities and engaging tools for busy hands

Make sensory boxes that are full of items that appeal to your parent’s history, preferences and hobbies

Lavender pillow or sheet sprays can help calm anxiety and reduce insomnia

Favorite lotions or nail polishes

Favorite candies or sweets

A new piece of costume jewelry (don’t buy real jewels; instead, opt for lovely costume pieces that your mom one will enjoy)

A new coat, hat, or mittens that your dad can use to stay warm when going on community outings with staff, friends and family

Favorite CDs or digital copies of songs from your parent’s past

An age-appropriate and dignified stuffed animal gifts for seniors living with Alzheimer’s disease or other dementia