Chickamauga City Manager Micheal Haney discusses plans for Holland-Watson Veterans’ Memorial Park during the Nov. 5 council meeting. / Jasmine Rothman

Chickamauga City Council has approved new equipment, rebuilding, and possible renovation of restroom facilities at Holland-Watson Veterans’ Memorial Park.

“(The playground) is right next to the basketball hoops, and we’ve had a few smaller kids on the playground getting hit by basketballs,” City Manager Micheal Haney said during the council’s Nov. 5 meeting. “There haven’t been any injuries, but there are concerns about the older kids playing basketball in such close quarters to the playground.”

Bathrooms at the park are too small and the council agreed on renovation for those as well, he said.

The council approved the project at a cost of $31,000.

Holland-Watson Veterans’ Memorial Park was dedicated May 27, 2002. It was named after two Chickamauga soldiers, Sgt. Eddie H. Holland and Cpl. Thomas A. Watson, who died in Vietnam.

The park is home to a playground, sand volleyball court, picnic area, and track for walking.

According to Haney, renovation is planned for spring 2019.