When did CHI Memorial begin a relationship with Cornerstone Medical Center?

On August 1, 2017, CHI Memorial signed an agreement to manage Cornerstone Medical Center.

When did CHI Memorial acquire Cornerstone Medical and the former Hutcheson on the Parkway?

A definitive agreement to acquire Cornerstone was signed with a transaction closing date of December 29, 2017. CHI Memorial has completed acquisition of the former Hutcheson on the Parkway ambulatory site on Battlefield Parkway in Ringgold, GA.

Are the names of the facilities changing?

Yes, Cornerstone Medical Center will be renamed CHI Memorial Hospital-Georgia. Hutcheson on the Parkway is now CHI Memorial-Parkway.

What services will be available at each location?

We will continue to provide emergency services, laboratory services, radiology, pharmacy, and select inpatient medical services at CHI Memorial Hospital-Georgia (formerly Cornerstone Medical Center).

CHI Memorial - Parkway (formerly Hutcheson on the Parkway) is home to CHI Memorial Family Practice Associates-Ringgold, CHI Memorial Pediatric Diagnostic Associates, and The Chattanooga Heart Institute.

How many patient beds will CHI Memorial-Georgia have?

CHI Memorial – Georgia currently has 19 patient beds and future plans are in place to increase bed capacity.

What insurance plans will be accepted?

CHI Memorial Hospital-Georgia plans to participate in a variety of commercial insurance plans, as well as Medicare advantage and supplements, and Georgia Peach State Health Plan.

How many people will be employed at CHI Memorial Hospital-Georgia ?

Approximately 200.

What happens to the employees of the former Cornerstone Medical Center?

Eligible individuals will become CHI Memorial associates.

What is CHI Memorial’s presence in North Georgia?

In recent years, CHI Memorial has made significant strides in broadening our scale and reach in the North Georgia market, re-opening Hutcheson primary care clinics in Chickamauga, LaFayette and Trenton under the CHI Memorial Medical Group brand, opening The Chattanooga Heart Institute clinic, and expanding access to providers at CHI Memorial’s Family Practice Associates-Ringgold and Professional Park Associates in LaFayette, GA. As well, a new office of Pediatric Diagnostic Associates will open at CHI Memorial-Parkway.

Why is CHI Memorial expanding its North Georgia footprint?

The focal point for North Georgia is Catoosa, Dade and Walker counties. People residing in these counties are traveling long distances for hospital care, including to a CHI Memorial facility, and represent 24% of CHI Memorial’s inpatient discharges and 22% of outpatient surgeries.

The region has experienced population growth, particularly in Catoosa County, which has led in population growth at 3.3% in the last 5 years and is projected to grow another 3.3% by 2020.

More than 50 percent of residents in need of medical care are traveling to a more distant Georgia hospital for care.

Re-establishing facilities for advanced medical care in North Georgia will allow people to remain close to home and work and receive care from a brand they know and trust – CHI Memorial. This is particularly important for Millennials to Active Boomers - people who are working and caring for family members - who demand exceptional convenience that fits their busy lifestyle.

Residents in Catoosa and Walker counties experience high incidence rates for chronic conditions such as heart disease and cancer. CHI Memorial has developed nationally recognized expertise in diagnosing, treating, and managing these conditions, which means we have the ability to offer visits with specialists close to home and coordinate care for complex conditions, thus eliminating the need to travel to more distant Georgia locations for specialized procedures.

This is an opportunity to enhance the services that we can offer in the North Georgia region and build on the economies of scale that a larger organization can provide. In light of the ever-changing healthcare landscape, this will help ensure we keep our enduring promise of exceptional health care to the residents of the entire region.