Davida Kaye Caylor

A Catoosa County woman convicted of evidence tampering in 2014 has been arrested again after she allegedly tried to run over her daughter's boyfriend with a truck, police say.

According to the Fort Oglethorpe Police Department:

Davida Kaye Caylor, 36, of Sunny Breeze Lane in Ringgold, was arrested March 4 on charges of simple assault, battery, and party to a crime.

Caylor is being held in jail without bond due to violation of her current probation.

The alleged incident occurred during the early morning hours of March 4, at an apartment complex on Wayside Drive.

Police Sgt. Michael Cannon was dispatched to the apartment regarding a domestic dispute that involved Caylor allegedly attacking a young man with her fists, and then Caylor following a him through the neighborhood trying to run him over with a truck, reports show.

The apartment where the incident took place belonged to Caylor's daughter who told police she woke up to the sounds of Caylor and her brother arguing in her living room.

Witnesses said Caylor then ran upstairs and began punching and cursing at her daughter's boyfriend who was asleep.

The boyfriend ran from the residence in only his underwear, and claimed Caylor and her sister attempted to run him over.

The victim told police he ran toward Ft. Town Drive where he observed Caylor's sister, Davnia Black, in her red Chevrolet Colorado sitting at the end of Wayside Drive.

"He stated that Davida Caylor jumped into the truck and that the truck then sped toward him at a high rate of speed," Cannon said.

The young man was able to cut through a yard in the complex to avoid getting hit, but did say that he feared for his life during the whole ordeal. Officers observed both of the man's eyes to be swollen and a small cut near his right eye.

When Cannon finally spoke with Caylor, she said she went to the apartment to confront her son about staying at his sister's apartment, and that a verbal argument broke out.

Caylor claimed she did not attack her daughter's boyfriend at all.

"Ms. Caylor stated she became angry and went up stairs to wake her daughter," Cannon said. "She denied having hit the victim or trying to run over him with a truck."

Caylor did admit that her sister, does indeed own a red Chevy Colorado truck, reports show.

FOPD officials say warrants have been taken out for Black's arrest.

Caylor made headlines in 2013 when she accused a Heritage High School administrator of striking the hand of her teenage son with telephone receiver during a meeting for disciplinary action.

During that whole ordeal, Caylor went on social media with alleged photos of the boy's swollen and bruised hand, which were later deemed unauthentic.

Caylor was arrested later that spring and went to trial in May 2014 where a jury of eight women and four men found her guilty of tampering with evidence, making false statements, and obstructing an officer.

Caylor was sentenced to three years probation and was also required to complete 100 hours of community service as well as pay fines and court costs in the amount of $1,487.50.

Adam Cook is a general assignment reporter and covers the Walker-Catoosa County area. He has been a reporter since 2009. He can be reached at The Catoosa County News office at 706-935-2621 and by email at acook@npco.com.