Francisco Thomas Diaz

Francisco Thomas Diaz

Catoosa County sheriff's deputies recently arrested a man in Ringgold after a woman identified him as the one who broke into two vehicles on Karen Drive.

According to the Catoosa County Sheriff's Department:

Francisco Thomas Diaz, 18, of Birmingham, Ala., was arrested Aug. 4 on two counts of entering auto, giving a false name or information to police, and obstruction of officers.

Diaz has been released from jail on bond.

Around 4:30 a.m. on Aug. 4, deputies were dispatched to 282 Karen Drive regarding a two vehicle break-ins.

The victim told police a man in a red bandana had knocked on one of the windows of the residence and then went through two of the vehicles in the driveway. The victim added that she recognized the suspect as Francisco Diaz, whom she knew to be currently staying on Pinto Lane.

Deputies caught up with Diaz at the Pinto Lane residence, where he gave a false name and claimed he'd been nowhere near Karen Drive, reports show.

During questioning, deputies asked Diaz to empty his pockets, at which time he presented a bank card with a woman's name on it. Diaz claimed the woman was a friend and began giving deputies a hard time when answering questions.

"Mr. Diaz said, 'if you want to talk to her, you can call the bank and get her info, you can put in the extra effort'," Deputy Rebecca Jordan said.

Deputies were able to contact the owner of the bank card, who claimed she didn't know Diaz and had never met him, reports show.

When deputies attempted to arrest Diaz, he allegedly became confrontational and tried to pull away from officers.

After placing Diaz in the back of the patrol car, deputies found a red bandana lying on the ground in front of the home.

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