Ringgold Flag Committee

The Catoosa County Board of Commissioners took time to recognize the Ringgold Flag Committee with a proclamation on Tuesday night, Nov. 7. The committee, headed by former mayor Joe Barger, was praised for its continuous effort it puts into organizing and displaying the bi-annual "Festival of Flags" event. (Catoosa News photo/Adam Cook)

The Catoosa County Board of Commissioners recognized the Ringgold Flag Committee with a proclamation Tuesday night, Nov. 7, in honor of the fine work the groups does each year with bi-annual "Festival of Flags" celebration throughout Ringgold.

The flag committee consists of volunteers, some of which are veterans themselves, who work tirelessly twice a year to line the city of Ringgold with American flags and crosses to honor deceased veterans from Catoosa County.

The program also includes students from Ringgold High School cutting and assembling the poles and wooden cross stands as needed each year when new flags are added for recently deceased veterans.

City Councilman Randall Franks and former long-time mayor Joe Barger were on hand for the meeting to accept the proclamation, and Commission Chairman Steven Henry had plenty of praise for the group's work in the community.

"Thank you to all the volunteers that are out there tirelessly working and for your service," Chairman Steven Henry said. "We take a lot of the things in the country for granted, and without the veterans, serving and battling for the rights we have, we wouldn't be able to sit here tonight. Thank you all."

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