Chad Young

Catoosa County Attorney Chad Young discusses a proposed land deal during the June 19 commission meeting that would bring a new Georgia Forestry ranger station to the area of Bandy Road. / Adam Cook

Catoosa County officials are looking to sell a four-acre stretch of property along Bandy Road to the state to build a new ranger station for Georgia Forestry Commission.

During the June 19 Board of Commissioner’s meeting, County Attorney Chad Young explained that the state is interested in the land, which is part of an 11-acre tract the county took over in recent years.

“The property is down off Bandy Road near McGill Lane,” Young said. “We actually acquired the property through several court actions after we had to clean up the property to bring it into compliance with county codes. Under our ordinance, we were able to put a lean against the property for the costs that we spent cleaning it up, which were pretty significant.”

Young says the money garnered from the sale will be used to repay the county and taxpayers for all the money spent cleaning it up.

The assessed value of the property is actually less than what the county spent to clean it up.

“The state of Georgia is interested in purchasing up to four acres from us for the Forestry Commission to construct a new station for the Forestry Service to operate in our county,” Young said. “There would still be more work to be done, which would include surveying of all four acres, establishing a price and moving into a contract with the state, and then doing all the paperwork we would need to do to bring it back before the board before we ever move forward with an actual closing.”

The board unanimously approved authorizing city staff to move forward with the necessary prep work for the sale.

Chief Ranger Seth Pierce was in attendance for the meeting and thanked the board for its support in trying to get the new station built.

“The goal of all this is to get the forestry back into Catoosa County,” Chairman Steven Henry said.

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