A new Habitat home was dedicated in Catoosa County with the Pinkard family receiving their very first home.

The dedication was a small ceremony with board members, staff, and volunteers for Catoosa Habitat attending who had helped on the building of the Pinkard home.

During the ceremony Sherry Pinkard iterated how everyone helped to make the dedication a possibility, especially board members who worked on the home by painting, pressure washing, and assisting in the demolition of the old property.

As part of the celebration the Pinkard family received a beautiful quilt made by Ann Poole as well as a Bible from the Catoosa Habitat Board of Directors.

The Pinkard family also received three, free one-year warranties from HomeServe USA on their water and sewage.

"I wouldn’t know where I and my family would be without Catoosa Habitat," said Sherry. "Everyone here made it possible for us to achieve our dream of homeownership, so thank you."

To learn more about what Catoosa Habitat is doing, how to get involved, and to donate check out their website at Catoosahabitat.org, call (706) 861-5858, or email at Habitat1@catt.com. Also like Catoosa Habitat for Humanity on Facebook for further events and project updates.