Firefighter Josh Fincher (left) accepts an award from Catoosa County Fire Chief Randy Camp during the Nov. 20 Board of Commissioner’s meeting. / Adam Cook

A Catoosa County firefighter was recently commended for rescuing a woman from a burning mobile home in September.

On Nov. 20, Catoosa County Fire Chief Randy Camp presented a special award of merit and bravery to firefighter Josh Fincher for his swift rescue of a woman he found passed out while battling a blaze.

On Sept. 6, Fincher, along with other companies, responded to a structure fire at 585 West Circle Drive.

Camp says Fincher entered the Rossville mobile home and found a woman lying on the floor unconscious.

Fincher then carried the woman to the front door by himself where he handed her off to EMTs and returned to battle the blaze.

“Your actions during this incident demonstrated your commitment to our citizens and to the fire department,” Camp said. “Your dedication to the preservation of life is to be commended.”

Audience members stood and applauded Fincher, as well as the other firefighters who were in attendance supporting their brother.

Commission Chairman Steven Henry even pointed out the more than a dozen firefighters in the room.

“I would also like to commend all our firefighters that are here and all the ones out serving our community,” Henry said.

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