Police news

A woman from Texas was staying with a previous co-worker until she was asked to leave, after which she was reported to try to break into the apartment with throwing knives and was found carrying drugs, reports stated.

According to Calhoun Police Department reports:

Jennifer Elise Fountaine, 37, of 106 Pine Ridge Lane, Huntsville, Texas, was arrested by CPD and charged with disorderly conduct, possession of drug-related objects, possession of a Schedule IV controlled substance and fugitive from justice.

On Thursday evening, an officer reported to an apartment on Bellwood Road where a woman was attempting to break into an apartment by throwing knives.

The officer met with one of the residents upon arrival, who said he and his fiancé had been letting Fountaine stay with them for a couple of days. When the couple found out Fountaine had a warrant for her arrest out of Texas, they asked her to leave.

Fountaine was reported to have taken her things and left. But when Fountaine was reported to return to their apartment 30 minutes after she left, she began attempting to get into the apartment by throwing a knife. The residents reported her to have hit their door so hard, they had to lay in front of it on the other side, to prevent it from opening.

The officer met with Fountaine and asked if she had any weapons on her; she said no. A second officer frisked Fountaine and found no weapons on her person.

When asked what happened, Fountaine said the people she was staying with for a couple of days had locked her out of their apartment and she was trying to get back in. Fountaine said one of the residents of the apartment was a co-worker from a previous job that was letting her stay there.

A neighbor witnessed the incident, and told the officer he was woken up when he heard Fountaine trying to get into the apartment.

Fountaine’s name was run through dispatch and the officers were advised she had an active warrant through Wood County, Texas, for possession of a dangerous drug. Fountaine was put in handcuffs and a pill believed to be clonazepam, a Schedule IV drug, was found in her purse. She also had a marijuana pipe and a brown glass methamphetamine pipe.

Fountaine was taken to Gordon County Jail. As of Friday, she remained in jail pending bond.