“You know how there’s something in the back of your mind that if you do it, it’ll be a really good experience?” Brandi Rose Dixon said. “Yoga was that thing for me, but it took going through something horrible to get there.”

Dixon, the owner of Art and Yoga by Brandi Rose, said she didn’t actually connect with yoga until after being injured in a car wreck, experienced a rough divorce and found herself entrenched in a season of depression. When she finally took the time to look back at herself, she knew she wanted to change.

“I asked myself, ‘Would you want to be by yourself?’” Dixon said. “And when the answer was no, I asked what do I need to do to turn stuff around and change my lifestyle to become healthier not just physically but also mentally.”

Thus, her journey of exploring alternative options, other job opportunities and other lifestyles began, making no small dent on her life as a whole.

How yoga saved her life

In the heart of a rough season, Dixon reached out and asked for help in the form of taking herself to a yoga class. And things just clicked from there — she was hooked.

“I started doing things that made me feel good and better about myself,” said Dixon, adding that she experienced a complete transformation after she decided to take better care of herself.

Dixon started regularly attending yoga and Zumba classes and didn’t let money stop her from chasing after what made her feel better about herself. Yoga became something that helped shift her perspective, it was a place for her to meditate, free herself and better understand who she was as an individual, she said.

In addition to a mental shift, Dixon also experienced a physical impact in her injury. She said yoga helped her achieve physical healing after the wreck and that she didn’t even have to go to physical therapy.

As for art, Dixon has always considered herself an artist. Sticking to abstract themes, she expresses her emotions through painting and feels like everyone can benefit from painting or doing something else creative. She clung to her hobbies of yoga and art, which helped her turn her life around.

While she was getting more into her art and exploring the avenue of more advanced yoga, Dixon felt even less satisfied with her current job, which she felt was preventing her from achieving her goals in life. As she became a healthier person, Dixon realized working a 9-5 job was not fulfilling and decided it wasn’t contributing anything positive to her life.

“When my dad passed away in 2017, I put my foot down and decided I needed to get it together and go after my dreams because he never did.”

A new line of work

Dixon has had her share of jobs throughout her adult life – she’s worked at Hobby Lobby, McDonald’s and most recently she worked customer service at Mannington. But when she opened her mind to the possibilities of what she could do with her passions, she found more opportunities presented themselves as she sought them out.

So, Dixon earned her yoga instructor certification, quit her job at Mannington and started her own business — Art and Yoga by Brandi Rose — in order to create a space of healing both for herself and for others. Combining her two passions of art and yoga, Dixon is now doing something that she loves and something that changed her life – helping people.

As one who has worked a 9-5 schedule before, she doesn’t know how she stayed motivated to work a job she didn’t enjoy.

“It’s so important to go after what you know is your fire and spark versus just settling,” Dixon said. “There’s always a choice in what you do and it’s a matter of what kind of risk you are willing to take.”

She mainly works in private or couple sessions, and her goal for her studio space is for it to be a welcoming space that differs from a gym atmosphere, which Dixon said can have negative connotations. She also teaches yoga at the Harris Arts Center once a week.

Dixon has received feedback from those she cares about asking her why she’s risking so much for her business, why she doesn’t have a part-time job to bring in more money or why her lessons costs so much. But to all those questions, Dixon said she chooses self-care and healing over making decisions primarily based on finances.

“The truth is, we always have the money and time, it’s just a matter of what we choose to utilize those resources with,” Dixon said. “There are a lot of people I know who are just working their lives away, but each day I have the opportunity to wake up and help people. I might not have a 9-5 job, but what I do is meaningful and that makes up for it.”

Having a “normal job” was enough to pay the bills, Dixon said, but it wasn’t enough to fulfill her soul. Now, doing what she loves — though it might come with financial risk — makes Dixon feel more accomplished and more at peace as she provides ways for others to feel the same way.

For more information, visit Art and Yoga by Brandi Rose’s Facebook page or email her at dixonbrandir@gmail.com.