Typically, the Voluntary Action Center hosts public meals only during lunchtime, but they have been recently considering also serving dinners. So when a group of volunteers offered to help, VAC workers asked decided to see how a dinner event would go over.

On Tuesday evening, the Democratic Party of Gordon County hosted a spaghetti meal at the VAC, serving almost 50 people who walked through the community kitchen’s doors.

Amanda Tate, chair of the Democratic committee, said party members contacted VAC Executive Director Stacy Long and asked how they could get involved with the organization and serve the community.

“They asked us if we would do an evening meal to help them collect feedback,” Tate said. “They usually serve during the week only at lunchtime, where on average, 80-100 people are served.”

Tate said the Democratic Party members arrived at the VAC Tuesday afternoon to start prepping the meal, which was available to anyone who wanted to join. Volunteers served spaghetti, salad, garlic bread and homemade cookies.

Contrary to one of their regular meetings, this event was entirely service-oriented, according to Arthene Bressler, a member of the party.

“This gathering is not about politics,” Bressler said. “It’s about serving others and bringing people together.”

The VAC has yet to decide if they will begin offering regular evening meals, but this was one step in making that decision. Tate hopes to volunteer at other dinners, and she said once the word is spread around, she expects more people will attend these evening meals.