Calhoun Police Department officers arrested two men in separate incidents recently, one on gun and forgery charges after he was found sleeping in a vehicle with a sawed-off shotgun, and another on aggravated assault and terroristic threats and acts charges after he pointed a pellet gun and threatened people at Kroger.

Late Sunday night police officers were dispatched to the Kroger grocery store on West Belmont Drive after 911 received calls about a man threatening people with a gun. Upon arrival, officers took Randall Eric May, of 120 Summerfield Lane N.E., Calhoun, into custody and obtained warrants for aggravated assault, reckless conduct, terroristic threats and acts and criminal trespass.

According to police reports, May pointed a Marksmen Repeater air pistol at and threatened an individual who was driving a parking lot sweeping vehicle in the Kroger lot. That individual went into the grocery store and notified staff, who locked the doors.

May told officers that he had pointed the gun at the person sweeping the parking lot because “I was trying to scare people off. I have to protect my house from intruders.”

May’s wife, Linda May, later arrived and told police that her husband is bipolar and schizophrenic and that he had flushed his medications down the toilet. She said he had not been acting normally and that he had called her earlier in the day asking about a gun.

May was arrested without incident and transported to the Gordon County Jail.

A few days earlier, on Thursday morning, a Calhoun police officer was asked to do a wellness check at an apartment building on South Line Street. In the parking lot an officer observed someone sleeping in a truck with a sawed-off shotgun in his lap.

Andre Lincoln Ambris, listed as homeless, was arrested and charged with unlawful possession of a firearm, forgery in the second degree, possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime, entering auto and criminal use of article with an altered identifying mark.

According to reports, Ambris was removed from the truck and taken into custody without incident. Inside the truck, officers found a New England Arms 20-gauge shotgun with a barrel cut down to 9.75 inches and a damaged serial number, several counterfeit $5 bills, a shotgun shell and mail with Ambris’s name.

The owner of the vehicle Ambris was sleeping in told police that Ambris had previously stayed with them but that he had been asked to leave and did not have permission to be in the truck.

After being booking into the Gordon County Jail, Ambris’s fingerprints returned an arrest record in Boston, Massachusetts, for someone with the name Michael Tartt.

Police also located the person who was the subject of the wellness check and verified the individual was OK.