You can hear the excitement as the young people enter the fairgrounds. The sights and wonderful smells are very inviting.

Things like, look at that ride. Are you going to ride that one? No way I will ride that big one. Another one says, I want to ride that one first.

There are new foods to taste and shows and rides of all kinds. Let’s have fun.

Do you have faith? You know the rides are safe. They have a designer and a builder to make them safe. They have been tested and tried. You can see lots of people enjoying their products.

A group of students entered a classroom. There was a model of the universe on the table. The teacher turned the handle and the planets rotated just like the universe does.

A student asked, who made it? The answer was no one did, it just happened. Everybody laughed. They all knew someone had to make it.

The point was that they believed someone had to make that model, but some of them still believed that the real universe just happened. A designer and maker are necessary.

The issue is faith. Everybody has faith. Some have more than others. Some have faith in different things.

What do you have faith in today?

A pond or lake that is iced over presents a question of faith. How far you go, and how much you trust the ice? It starts with a little faith that can grow. Exercise and use develop trust.

The same is true for the Christian, or the person that is considering becoming a Christian. It takes the faith that believes the Bible and testing it to see if it works.

Testing the ice around the edges of the lake is a start. But at some point you have to step out with you whole body and have faith.

You have to do the same thing with God. You can test Jesus a little, but at some point you have to put total faith in him, and give Jesus a chance to show what he can do in your life.

It is not some short term magic or trick. It is true faith, and trust that will be seen over time.

Enjoy the fair and your life. God has a special plan that you will be glad to see.

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