While watching a basketball game, there was a close call by the official. Naturally the home team fans and the visiting team each saw it differently. Even the announcers had an answer to the issue.

Who decided? The referees went to the video replay to decide the call. Their decision was final.

What about the two kids fighting and fussing? Mom enters the room to find out what is going on there. Each child takes a turn to present their side of the story. Maybe each one did leave out some details. They know that they were not important for mom to know.

Who decides? Mom will get the final word.

When two angry folks appear in court to decide an issue, what happens? Each side is give a chance to present their facts and explanations. No one is allowed to present second hand hearsay. Each side will present facts favorable to their case.

Who decides? The judge, or sometimes a jury, must make the final decision.

These situations also happened when Jesus was teaching. Some listened attentively, some just listened, and others were just there to challenge him. This last group was there to be difficult.

They did not believe in him. They were upset that many people were choosing to follow him.

How did Jesus answer them? He used Bible stories and parables (stories that did not use names). Then he asked them questions that they did not want to answer. They were like the guilty child trying to avoid admitting to being wrong.

Who decides?

You must decide what you believe about Jesus. Are you like the guilty child that refuses to admit sin? Jesus knows the truth, just like you do. You can admit your sin and ask Jesus to forgive your sin. He died for you, and even the judges knew he had not sinned when they nailed him to the cross.

You get the final decision on what happens to you. The choice is up to you.

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