A youngster got into her mom's cabinets, and switched the labels on a couple of cans. When mom opened the can of peaches, she found it was green beans!

She liked green beans, but when she was expecting peaches, so it gave her a strange taste in her mouth.

When people talk about the Ten Commandments they think about rules and having to do something. They have a negative thought.

Can you name some of the commandments? How about these? Do not lie. Is that bad? Is that a mean rule? Most people would agree that telling a lie is not a good thing to do. You would not want someone to lie to you.

Another one is do not steal. Do you want someone around that steals your things? Does that make you negative?

Honor your father and mother. You should show them respect. You could call that having good manners. Is that negative?

One commandment says to treat your neighbor as a friend. It means do not tell lies about them, or try to get them into trouble. Sounds good to me.

Obeying or disobeying them does not affect your getting into heaven. But it does affect the kind of person that you are. It guides you into being a better child, a better friend and a better neighbor. Maybe the Ten Commandments from the Bible are not as negative as you thought.