The bush was burning. What would you do? I mean, if you saw a bush burning in the mountains.

If you were hiking by and saw the bush burning, but it was not going away. It was still there. You would check it out to see how it was doing that.

The story in the Bible was about Moses. In the book of Exodus in the Bible is the story about Moses and the bush that was on fire, but it kept burning. Many people today do not believe that story.

They have all kinds of answers to explain how it happened.

He must have been in awe. Then God spoke to him. He had to be shocked. Then God gave him some instructions. He told Moses that he would lead the people out of Egypt. But Moses needed more. The children of Israel always wanted a sign. So God gave Moses three signs.

God always does more than is necessary. You can read about those signs in the book of Exodus in the Bible.

Moses should have listened and obeyed the first time God spoke to him. Just as you should listen to instructions the first time.

The people did believe the signs when Moses demonstrated God’s message. Later even Pharaoh had to believe them. So should people today.

Moses was the person that God was using to show his power. Moses was not special. But he allowed God to do something through him. How about you?

Your first choice is to listen and respond to God’s message to you. You need to believe and receive his forgiveness for your sin. If you have, then you need to believe and trust God to use you to do something with your life. It will probably not be a burning bush but will be unique to you and your opportunity.

Will you believe in him today?

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