Before you answer that question, you need to know what Faith is. You need a definition of the word. It is a word that has many areas of thought. Believing is faith in action.

Everybody has faith. The question becomes what you put your faith in today. In sports for example, the shortstop has faith that the first baseman will catch the ball. The quarterback believes that the receiver will catch the pass if it is thrown to him. The team has faith in the coach when he tells them the plan for the game.

The driver has faith in his car, that it will get him to where he wants to go. He has faith in his clock that he is on time. He has faith in the traffic light, that it is safe to go.

A basic faith is a belief that a chair will hold you, if you sit in it. So everybody has faith, and it may be in degrees or amounts. You trust some people for anything. Others may only be trusted sometimes. You learn those differences with opportunities.

The Bible has been tested over time. It has remained the same throughout history. There are men in the Bible of great faith, that accomplished great things. Others had less faith that still teach many important lessons.  

The important part is not their faith, but where they put their faith. You can always trust God, and His Word, the Bible.

The most trusted item today seems to be the GPS. People today do not use maps. They have a GPS to tell them every step of the way to get where they are going. Is it always correct? No, sometimes it makes mistakes. But most people still trust it every time.

So where do you put your faith? The Bible is always right. You might not see the answer every time, but that should not stop you from trusting it. Jesus said, I am the way, the truth, and the life. You must choose to put your trust in Him. That faith is the most important faith. Do you have faith? Do you have the most important faith?  Make the right choice today.  You will be glad you did.