When your sister tells you that mom wants you, do you believe her?Sometimes you do, but sometimes you are not sure. How do you know what to do? Who decides?

Believe is something that you decide in your mind. You choose who and what you believe. In class, at school, you usually believe the teacher, when they tell you some information. Most people believe the news when they see it on television.

Friends tells you some news about someone that you know. You have to decide if you believe them. Your mind is actually your chooser.

Faith is different. Believe is in your mind, and you may not have to act on what you believe. Faith is action. Faith is how you respond to what you believe.

In the Bible story, the man could not move by himself. His friends heard that Jesus was at a house nearby. They picked him up while he was in his bed, and carried him to where Jesus was. They took him up to the roof, and made a hole in the roof, and lowered him into where Jesus was.

They had faith that Jesus could and would heal him. They believed and took action, faith, to show what they believed. And Jesus did heal the man.

You believe that a chair will hold you. You use your faith when you sit in the chair. Maybe you have heard someone say that talk is cheap. Do you understand what they mean? It means that it is easy to say, I believe something. But your actions will show what you really believe.

People watch you to see if your actions, faith, matches your beliefs.

Life is a process of deciding who and what you believe. Sometimes it is easy, but sometimes it is very difficult deciding who you believe.

You can always believe the Bible. It is the Word of God. It is not always easy, but it is the right way.

The world is different. News stories, friends, and others are often trying to get you to believe their side of the story, instead of telling you the truth. Maturing is learning who to trust, and put your faith in each day.

What do you choose? Do you have faith? Who do trust and put your faith in today? Give Jesus a chance to show you that your faith is placed in the right place.