CPS students meet Mac the Medic

The Calhoun Primary School GATE (Gifted and Talented Experience) students were fortunate to get to learn about several different professions and services offered in Calhoun and Gordon County as they wrapped up their sessions for the school year. On March 5, CPS students had many great opportunities for learning. CPS is appreciate of all of the support they have received during each GATE session this year.

The GATE Law and Safety Group enjoyed their last visit for the year at the Emergency Management Headquarters. Mr. Bowen and Ms. Jennifer led the students on a tour of the facility and explained their responsibilities. Students had the opportunity to sit inside an ambulance as Mr. Bowen explained the necessities inside. Medic Mac, the mascot, was onsite to welcome the students and help guide them on the trip. We all enjoyed our trip and learned a lot about management services and the equipment needed for emergencies. We appreciate Calhoun’s Emergency Headquarters for taking the time to help our students understand the role EMTs and paramedics have in our community.

The Medical/Science GATE group was able to fulfill two wishes when they visited Gordon Hospital. First, they were able to visit The Baby Place, and see a two-day-old baby boy. He didn’t seem interested, but the kids sure were. They had waited several months for this opportunity. They also got a visit from the Director of The Baby Place, who explained (as much as she could) the procedures that families go through while there. They also got to visit a pre-birth, birth, and recovery room. They were very impressed, and some wanted to stay the night. Finally, they enjoyed an open ice cream bar in the Hospital’s cafeteria...vanilla or strawberry and all the fixins’. It was a great finale. Special thanks to Tracy Farriba for her work in coordinating each visit.

The GATE Arts Academy students concluded their “Career Cluster” focus with a visit to The Piano Experts of Alan Gilreath & Associates. The students enjoyed a simple snack upon arriving at the shop. Mr. Gilreath discussed how pianos are moved, how pianos are tuned, how pianos are repaired, as well as his educational background in music and business. Then Mrs. Leah Roach allowed the students a chance to role-play being a customer trying make a piano purchase. The students learned about the different types of pianos and the different kinds of finishes available on pianos. Mrs. Roach led the students in a sing along as she accompanied them on the piano. Next, Mr. Gilreath demonstrated that sounds are made by the vibrations of the hammers hitting the strings on the piano and that there are 200 strings to be tuned on a piano. Everyone enjoyed learning all about pianos, and appreciated Mr. Gilreath and Mrs. Roach allowing us to visit.

The Education GATE group enjoyed their last program for the year when Mrs. Katherina Colston joined them at CPS. Mrs. Colston is a fitness trainer and nutritionist with a local gym. She spoke to the students about being aware of what they are eating and how they should balance their diet by selecting healthy foods from each food group. Students were asked to identify different food groups and name several exotic fruits and vegetables. They were given place mats with pictures of healthy food choices to take home. Mrs. Colston ended the program by giving each student a stretch band and demonstrated how to effectively stretch muscles and improve their balance.