State School Superintendent Woods visits Calhoun

Students and staff were pleased to welcome Georgia State School Superintendent Richard Woods to the campus of Calhoun Middle and High School on Wednesday, March 28, 2018.

Superintendent Woods was treated to a tour of the College & Career Programs that comprise the Calhoun College & Career Academy, while also learning about the award winning arts programs present in Calhoun City Schools.

A strong emphasis was placed on the well-rounded approach to learning taken by the students at Calhoun. It is common to see students invested in areas of academics, arts and athletics. The tour featured a performance by Calhoun High School’s Shuler nominated musical, “Bring It On,” and included delicacies prepared by the school’s culinary arts program.

Calhoun City Schools is extremely appreciative of the continued support of Superintendent Woods and his willingness to spend a part of his day touring Calhoun’s programs and learning about the great accomplishments of the Calhoun students and staff. Students Nina Ho and Cole Pelfrey were the tour guides for the day.