Atlanta's Charlie Culberson with Chipper Jones

Atlanta’s Charlie Culberson (right) works with Braves’ legend Chipper Jones during a recent Spring Training workout. (Curtis Compton, The AJC)

Curtis Compton

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. — If you’re not familiar with new Braves utility player Charlie Culberson, you certainly are not a Dodgers fan.

They know him well in Los Angeles, and some there hated seeing him included in the five-player December trade designed for the Braves to dump Matt Kemp’s contract and for the Dodgers to move four players including three with expiring contracts and big salaries.

Culberson, 28, was the other one they moved, the guy with neither a big salary nor an expiring contract. The guy who hit a couple of really big homers for L.A.

He’s not eligible for arbitration until next winter, giving the Braves four years of contractual control and making it quite possible that Culberson, father of three, a North Georgia native born in Rome and raised in Calhoun, might be living 12 months a year for some time in the Marietta home he and his wife were already buying before he was traded.

They’ll be about 10 minutes from SunTrust Park.

“I think things lined up pretty nice as far as how things are working out,” Culberson said. “Now we’ve just got to play baseball.”

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