Special Weather Update from Gordon County Sheriff Mitch Ralston:

"I have deployed our fleet of 4WD trucks (‘Bravo’ vehicles) and have extra deputies on duty," said Ralston. "I also have senior officers on duty at the joint Emergency Operations Center (EOC) coordinating our activities with those of other public safety agencies. We have responded to a number of weather-related calls, and a serious crash involving tractor trailers on State Route 53 near Fairmount."

According to the Sheriff's Office, the tractor trailers are still blocking both lanes of SR 53 near Fairmount; DOT officials have notified local officials that the vehicles cannot be safely removed until the roadway thaws.

"We are still patrolling in 4-wheel drive vehicles, and urge people to stay off the roadways," said a Sheriff's Office official.

"The State and County Transportation Departments are working diligently to apply snow/ice countermeasures on the busiest roadways," said Ralston. "However, most roadways are treacherous, and travel should not be undertaken unless absolutely necessary. The snow is predicted to continue falling through the early morning hours. The public should continue to monitor weather conditions via the National Weather Service (NWS) and commercial media outlets.”

"Primary, secondary roads hazardous, travel should be avoided," concluded Ralston.

An additional statement from Gordon County reads: "Calhoun and Gordon County public safety department heads strongly advise for everyone to stay in and do not travel on the roadways unless absolutely necessary.  Icy road conditions are expected to persist throughout the day and this evening.  Avoid Hwy 53 east of Fairmount near Scott Brown / Scott Branch. Multiple accidents have been reported at this location and the roadway may be blocked."

Multiple accidents are coming across the scanner this morning on accidents throughout Gordon County. Everyone please use caution if you plan to travel, but travel is not advisable by all officials at this time.