Sheriff’s Office Operation ‘SPRING CLEAN’ results in 48 charged

ALSO NOTE: the details of the circumstances surrounding the arrests of Michael L. Patton, Michelle McConathy, and Emily Ann Young (August 2016); Courtney Veler (November 2016) ; and Charles Robert Baker and Carl Douglas Towe (November 2016) have been made public in previous Sheriff’s Office press releases which may be found on the official Sheriff’s Office website.

“I want to thank all of my staff members for their very hard work on this case, as well as the citizens who provided the information to us that made these arrests possible," said Sheriff Ralston. "It is sometimes implied or suggested that drug related offenses are somehow non violent or victimless, however, we know that drug abuse, particularly the distribution of illegal drugs, is directly responsible for many other crimes such as assault, battery, family violence, child abuse and neglect, burglaries and thefts of all types, even murder. This is why we will continue to relentlessly pursue and prosecute those who choose to poison our community, and to hold them accountable before the citizens of Gordon County in our court system."