Gordon County Sheriff's Office

On Monday morning, Feb. 26, 2018, Sheriff Mitch Ralston and his command staff met with representatives from the Gordon County School System, Superintendent Dr. Susan Remillard, Director of Student Services Mike Evelti and Board of Education Member Chris Johnson, concerning school security.

Dr. Remillard praised Sheriff Ralston for all that he and his staff does to ensure the safety of the school system. Both Sheriff Ralston and Dr. Remillard agreed that keeping our schools safe from any type of violence is paramount. The officials had a lengthy discussion of the topics which are of concern to everyone in our community and across the nation. The Sheriff’s Office and School System have enjoyed a long history of excellent communications and working together to ensure safety and security at all school facilities for faculty, students and visitors. This will continue to be a central priority for both organizations.

Sheriff Ralston said that his staff will continue to have a presence both inside and outside schools, by officers in uniform as well as officers in plainclothes. Dr. Remillard and her staff are aware of how serious the Sheriff’s Office treats any threat or perceived threat to a school or student, and works very hard in partnership with us to resolve any such situation rapidly and efficiently.

We understand everyone’s concerns. They are my concerns as well, as I have a school aged child," said Sheriff Ralston. "I call on every citizen in Gordon County to help me keep our schools safe, by reporting anything suspicious or threatening against any school or student(s) immediately.”