CAC Pals for Paws, Inc., a local nonprofit charity that opened in 2015, is holding a special Back-to-School Sale on Sunday, July 23, from 1 - 5 p.m. The event will be held in the CAC Pals for Paws Thrift Store, located at 100 Peters Street, Suite 17 in Gordon Hills Shopping Center.

“We have clothing and back packs and books and pencils and clothing - lots of items for children to use for school,” said CAC Pals for Paws CEO Lynne Reese. “So we decided to host this event as another way to give back to the community.”

The premise of CAC Pals for Paws, Inc. is simple: a thrift store the community can shop where, for a mere donation, you can obtain an item of need from their store.

“If someone comes in and asks, ‘How much is it?,’ we will tell them to pay what they’d like to donate for the item,” said Reese.

CAC Pals for Paws has been collecting items for other charity events and had extra items leftover. “We have donated many pairs of shoes for children to the St. Clement’s Catholic Church Knights of Columbus for the Back to School Supply Giveaway,” said Reese.

Reese said the sale is being held on a Sunday so that parents and children can get school supply items at the thrift store after church services.

“We have been so fortunate to receive so many donations that we want Gordon County residents to come see what they can use and possibly make a monetary donation to help vet and save more dogs and cats from the Calhoun Animal Control Shelter, especially since they have been helping the county shelter since it burned down,” said Reese. “Our store is so full and we want to help people and pets both!”

CAC Pals for Paws, Inc. is a group formed by local volunteers that works to create no-kill animal shelters and helps with pet adoptions and rescues. The charity is funded through the thrift shop inside the CAC Pals for Paws building.

The group has been working with the City of Calhoun Animal Control, providing assistance with vaccinations and with the altering and adoption of the animals it houses. They also help fund the adoption of animals taken into custody. According to Reese, the organization is assisting the shelter in becoming a 100 percent no-kill shelter; it is currently at 95 percent no-kill. In the future, the organization hopes to branch out and help other shelters and rescues in the community.