Gordon County Restaurant Inspections

The grading system used by the Gordon County Health Department is: A: for food-safety excellence and applied to a 90 – 100 numerical score B: for satisfactory compliance and applied to a 80 – 89 numerical score C: for marginal compliance and applied to a 70 – 79 numerical score U: for unsatisfactory and applied to a 69-or-below numerical score If a food-service facility receives a C or U rating as a result of a routine inspection, environmental health staff will conduct a follow-up inspection to insure compliance. All routine inspections are unannounced and held twice a year. Consumers in Gordon County may contact the Environmental Health office of the Gordon County Health Department at 706-624-1444 for more information.

Location: Zaxby’s, 530 Highway 53 E, Calhoun

Date Inspected: November 14

Score: 91 A

Previous Score: 91 A

Prior Score: 95 A

Location: Waffle House, 260 West Belmont Drive, Calhoun

Date Inspected: November 15

Score: 77 C

Previous Score: 89 B

Prior Score: 92 A

Location: El Zarape Restaurant And Market, 203 Richardson Road Suite 60, Calhoun

Date Inspected: November 16

Score: 82 B

Previous Score: 87 B

Prior Score: 80 B

Location: Bowman’s Restaurant & Catering, 868 County Line Road, Calhoun

Date Inspected: November 17

Score: 97 A

Previous Score: 100 A

Prior Score: 97 A

Location: Denny’s, 288 Resaca Beach Boulevard, Resaca

Date Inspected: November 20

Score: 86 B

Previous Score: 69 U

Prior Score: 80 B