Calhoun police car

A naked North Carolina woman who told a police officer she was Jesus Christ was taken into custody at Gordon Central High School last week after she caused more than $1,500 worth of damage to two vehicles, according to Calhoun Police Department records.

Police were called to the school last Wednesday just before noon in response to a woman wearing only tennis shoes attempting to break into vehicles in the parking lot. When an officer arrived he found Tess Craig, of 3320 Rain Court, Hudson, North Carolina, sitting in a Dodge Dakota pickup truck belonging to the school system.

Reports say when an officer asked Craig to identify herself that she appeared “spaced out” and stated she was “Jesus Christ” and that she was casting demons out of the officer. During the interaction she also transitioned from laughing to being irate.

Before officers arrived Craig had broken the door handle on a Land Rover in the parking lot, causing $350 worth of damage, and caused $1,200 worth damage to the Dodge truck. Among other damage inside the truck, she broke the plastic dash in several places and pulled the rubber from around the steering column.

Two female officers removed Craig from the truck and she was transported to a local hospital.

Separately, a man named Terry Craig who identified as Tess Craig’s father contacted the police department because someone called him to say his daughter had gone missing from a local hotel.

Terry Craig told police that his daughter has a “bad drug problem” and that she sometimes acts out when she is using drugs. He said he and his wife had attempted to get her help previously without success and that they suspected she may have mental issues but would not seek help.

Police took out warrants for Tess Craig on the charges of entering auto and criminal damage to property in the second degree.

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