James “Ott” Oliver was the winner of the “Guess the Year-End Dow Jones Average” at the Open House of Dewayne Bowen, Edward Jones financial advisor, back in May of 2016. The DOW, which is the most common stock market index, finished at 19,762 on Dec. 31, 2016. Ott predicted it would finish the year at 19,655 and was closest out of 70 guesses from the 100 or so who attended the open house of Bowen’s new office on the corner of Dews Pond and Curtis Parkway. At the time of the prediction, the DOW was 17,828.

Sadly, Mr. Oliver was diagnosed with cancer last summer and passed away in October. His wife, Paulette, accepted the gift for Ott. According to Mrs. Oliver, Ott was a daily follower of the stock market and enjoyed tracking stocks and looking for good buys. “He would have his own stock ‘ticker tape’ around the house to track the movements of the stock markets,” Mrs. Oliver said.

Bowen said “Ott” was very knowledgeable and enjoyed talking about different companies and the economy.