North Georgia National Bank makes donation to SES

Amanda Ruddell of North Georgia National Bank visited Sonoraville Elementary School to donate $500 for purchasing resources for the school’s planned sensory room. Presented to principal Amy Beason and assistant principal Brian Hall, the check represents a generous donation from the community and a local business to specifically help students in Gordon County.

A sensory room is a therapeutic space for special needs students. Specific equipment is selected to provide these students with engaging and personalized activities. This helps these students explore their senses, learn coping mechanisms, and it provides an emotional safe space. While still in its beginning stages, resources will continue to be put into creating this sensory room to provide additional support for students who struggle in these areas.

Mrs. Beason and Sonoraville Elementary are thrilled with North Georgia National Bank’s partnership and their initiative to reach out and support elementary students. With the support of local businesses and community leaders, Sonoraville and Gordon County Schools can continue to find new ways to give students a rigorous education through meaningful relationships.