A Plainville man reported to have trespassed was later stopped by Calhoun police and found to have been driving under the influence of alcohol, reports stated.

A woman from Texas was staying with a previous co-worker until she was asked to leave, after which she was reported to try to break into the apartment with throwing knives and was found carrying drugs, reports stated.

A Calhoun man is charged with possession of less than an ounce of marijuana after a traffic stop by Calhoun police led to the discovery of a bag of the drug under the floor mat of the man’s vehicle, reports stated.

A CPD officer caught three minors on the roof of a Red Bud Road building; the three are reported to have been in possession of alcohol and spray paint, reports stated.

Two people from Tennessee were pulled over for running a red light, which led to the discovery of 300 grams of methamphetamine and drug-related objects, both in their car and on one of the passenger’s person, reports stated.

After observing a driver with suspicious driving patterns, Adairsville police officers discovered marijuana and pills in the driver’s possession following a traffic stop, according to reports.

Following a basic traffic stop in which an officer noticed a car missing a tag, methamphetamine and drug-related objects were found in the owner’s newly purchased car.

According to Calhoun police, a Rome woman falsified her identification to apply to work for Shaw Industries in 2018, but the name she used belonged to a Texas resident who recently found out about the incident.

A man and a woman face felony charges after a traffic stop last week resulted in the discovery of methamphetamine and a firearm with the serial number scratched off, reports stated.

Calhoun police are investigating four entering auto incidents, where the seals on tractor-trailers were broken, at the Pilot Travel Plaza at 2111 U.S. 41 in Resaca earlier this week.

Calhoun police are investigating an early Friday morning burglary at Calhoun Food and Tobacco which resulted in the theft of an ATM and more than $10,000 in Newport and Marlboro cigarettes.

An early-morning chase which ran from North Wall Street to Interstate 75 resulted in a Calhoun police officer sustaining minor injuries when he crashed his patrol car while pursuing the suspect. Police are working to identify the suspect involved in the chase.

A man and a woman out of Tennessee were arrested in Calhoun on Thursday and charged with possession of methamphetamine following a traffic stop at East May Street and South Wall Street.

A storage building on Calhoun Precast Shop property was destroyed in a late Thursday night fire. In addition to the building, a vehicle parked outside and inventory stored nearby were also destroyed in the blaze.

With Tuesday’s state House District 5 special election now behind them, the campaigns of Republicans Jesse Vaughn and Matt Barton were extended for another month, with the candidates now heading back out to push their messages to voters before their Feb. 5 runoff.

Following a two-vehicle wreck on Court Street, a woman fled from the scene and reportedly yelled at the man she hit that she didn’t want to go back to jail, police say. She had not been arrested as of Thursday, despite an arrest warrant being obtained by police.

Four locals were arrested, including one minor, following a basic traffic stop during which an officer noticed the odor of marijuana coming from the car.

The Georgia State Patrol believes alcohol may have been a contributing factor in a two-vehicle wreck, which resulted in rescue personnel having to remove the drivers from their damaged vehicles, on Ga. 53 near Farmville Road on Monday night.

A Calhoun woman who saw her ex-boyfriend catching a ride with a friend followed their car, which contained a 2-year-old child, at high speeds and forced them off the road and into residential property, according to Calhoun police.

A 14-year-old boy was arrested Friday by Calhoun police after being accused of waving a gun around outside businesses on Curtis Parkway.

A Calhoun man was arrested last week after being accused of driving while under the influence of alcohol while traveling on the wrong side of the road on Red Bud Road.

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