Georgia Department of Labor


The Georgia Department of Labor announced Thursday that the unemployment rate in Metro Rome — all of Floyd County — was 6.3 percent for October. That’s down two-tenths of a percentage point from 6.5 percent in September and nine-tenths from the 7.2-percent rate last October.

In the 15-county Northwest Georgia region, the overall rate was 5.6 percent, unchanged from September. The rate in October 2014 was 6.8 percent.

Despite that, the number of initial claims for unemployment insurance in the region rose by 741, or 29.1 percent, to 3,291.

Initial claims are those filed by someone who’s been working for the past 12 months. Most of October’s claims came from temporary layoffs in the manufacturing sector.

Over the year, claims were down by 216, or 6.2 percent, from 3,507 in October 2014. Metro Gainesville had the lowest area jobless rate at 4.7 percent.

The October rate in Metro Rome declined because employers created more jobs, according to the GDOL report.

The number of jobs in Floyd County increased by 700, or 1.7 percent, to 41,100. The job gains came mostly in the service-related industries — such as trade, transportation and warehousing — along with education and health services and state government.

However, the GDOL reports the number of initial unemployment claims rose locally by 162, or 47.2 percent, to 505 in October. Most of those came in the manufacturing sector. Over the year, claims were up by 122, or 31.9 percent, from 383 last October.

Georgia’s seasonally-adjusted unemployment rate for October was 5.7 percent, down from 5.8 percent in September. It was 6.8 percent in October 2014.

Local area unemployment data are not seasonally adjusted. Georgia labor market data are available at