New Year, New You...Making Your Resolutions Stick

Statistics show that only eight percent of the population that sets New Year’s resolutions actually achieves them. This year, the editorial staff of the Calhoun Times plans to achieve their health resolutions with the Calhoun Times 3-Month Total Makeover Challenge 2018.  We are working and consulting with some of the top health professionals in the area to achieve our goals, and for the next three months will allow you a glimpse of our health journey, along with tips and suggestions from the experts on how to stick to goals and find success. And because of our Challenge, you have a chance to on to find out more!

According to statistics provided by Forbes magazine, roughly 40 percent of Americans set New Year’s resolutions each year, with the majority of those resolutions being lumped into an appearance category of “losing weight” or “eating healthier.” For comparison purposes, one-third of Americans watch the Super Bowl each year. Of the 40 percent of Americans who set resolutions each year, only eight percent actually achieve them.

Each year, after a holiday season of gorging ourselves with more junk food than should be allowed by law, the editorial staff of the Calhoun Times always has good intentions of focusing on our health and either eating better or losing weight, but none of us have actually succeeded in the past. We hope to change this in 2018 by challenging each other in the Calhoun Times 3-Month Total Makeover Challenge.

Office Manager Danika Trice successfully lost 85 pounds after having gastric sleeve surgery in the summer of 2015. She began exercising regularly, working out at the gym and running 5k, 10k and half-marathons. Over the past year, she’s seen her old eating habits come back and wants to rededicate herself to eating healthier.

Danika works out regularly with Nikki Clance, who owns Body Design by Nikki, located on South Wall Street in Calhoun. Clance is going to help Danika clean up her eating habits and add different workouts to her routine to push her past the plateau she is experiencing.

Staff Writer Tyler Serritt has a problem that many of us wish we had: he’s skinny. His goal this year is to add more muscle to his body. Tyler has been working out at TNU Fitness, located on North Wall Street in Calhoun, for about six months. TNU offers 24-hour fitness to accommodate all busy schedules. Tyler is interested in lifting weights and is eager to continue building muscle this year.

As for Sports Editor Alex and myself, we both have goals to lose massive amounts of weight and get healthier. Finding time to workout is an issue, plus, stress eating is a major problem and most of our meals each day come from fast-food establishments. We have horrible diets. Alex’s goal is to be able to climb all the bleachers at sporting events and not get winded and out of breath. My goal is to loose all the weight I’ve put on since I began this job. Working the crazy hours that we do, with stressful jobs, it is hard to find time to workout, but after joining Calhoun’s newest fitness center, Workout Anytime, located on West Belmont Drive, we hope to be able to utilize the facility’s 24-hour availability.

For the next three months,the four of us will assess, on a weekly basis, how we are accomplishing our goals in a series of stories on different health topics such as Setting Realistic Goals, The Importance of Healthy Eating, Meal Prepping, Workout Injury Prevention and Plateaus. We are excited to push each other to accomplish these goals and are realistic and know that we are probably going to experience crankiness and frustration while we are working to accomplish our resolutions.

Speaking of goals, did you set any for 2018? We’d love to hear from you! Email and let us know what goal you set for 2018 and how you plan to achieve your goal. Our favorite reader goal will be picked to receive a Calhoun Times Swag Bag. Entries must be received by Friday, Jan. 12, 2018.