Many local National Guard members, friends and family gathered in the pavilion, around the pool and amongst the trees at the Calhoun Recreation Department on Saturday afternoon for National Guard Family Day.

The primary goal of Family Day was to unite members of the community for a fun, memorable summer afternoon, while celebrating and honoring the local National Guard.

Festivities included games such as pick-up football scrimmages and cornhole competitions, inflatables for kids to enjoy, swimming sessions to cool off and a delectable lunch fresh off of the grill.

The event was organized and made possible by the extensive efforts of Family Readiness Group volunteers Anna Durham, Kristin DeLancette, Jen Akers, Stephanie Jackels, Tsali Russell, Rachel Brown, Maria Hunter, Kirbi Hyde, Whit Kendrick and Katie Moore.

Shaw Industries volunteers Chester Chaffin, Eric Jackson, Mitchell Bryant, Chris Daughtrey, Melodi McKee, Paul Wall, Genia Kirby, Maria Zamora, Olivia Zamora, Ally Chung and Josh Killion also provided key contributions.

Additionally, National Guard Family Day was also backed by a variety of donations and contributions from many companies and organizations.

The Calhoun Recreation Department, Sysco Atlanta, Mt. Yonah Baptist Church, Belmont Baptist Church of Calhoun, Haganscr8tionbox, Durham Crafts, Thatcher’s Barbeque and Grill, Carriage House Co., Cargill Main Sample, Fairfield Gourmet Food, Hormel Foods, Rotella Baking, Johnsonville Foods, Holmes Smokehouse, Dollar Tree and Flowers Bakery all came together in support of the National Guard.