Police news

A Calhoun man was arrested Sunday night on charges of DUI and speeding.

According to Calhoun Police Department reports:

Courtland Aranda Harris, 34, of 117 Colony Drive in Calhoun, was arrested shortly before 8 p.m. Sunday near the intersection of South Wall Street and Oak Street. He is also charged with driving without a license.

Police pulled Harris over after an officer detected him driving 50 mph in a 35 mph zone, as well as observing the vehicle he was in did not have a working brake light.

Initially, Harris, who did not have a license, told the officer he was taking his sister, a passenger in the vehicle, to the hospital. The officer, after speaking with his sister, determined EMS did not need to respond.

While speaking with Harris and the passengers, the officer smelled alcohol. A passenger in the backseat first said she had been drinking and that there was an open beer can in the vehicle. But then Harris admitted to drinking the beer.

Harris was put through an field sobriety test. A sample of his breath registered a 0.123 BAC. He was arrested and taken to Gordon County Jail. He has been released from jail on bond.