Local Scouts go bowling

Boy Scout Troop 22 went bowling for their first meeting of 2018 at the Calhoun Bowling Center. The reason for meeting there was to celebrate a successful 2017 Popcorn Fundraising event.

Each year, Boy Scouts of America holds a popcorn sales campaign during which Scouts try to sell a specified amount which helps support their troop, aids their local Council in supporting the summer camp program, as well as, benefitting the national organization.

The Scouts themselves learn salesmanship and communication skills, gain confidence and achieve a sense of accomplishment. Scouts who met their sales goals were rewarded with free games and the Calhoun Bowling Center waived the normal shoe rental fees for all participants.

Pictured are Scouts and parents during the first round of play and Venturer Scout Scott Beutel walking a younger Scout through the basics of grip, stride, swing, and release of the ball. Everyone, experienced bowlers and novices, had a fun evening bowling and helping each other with tips and advice. Boy Scout Troop 22 is sponsored by Calhoun First United Methodist Church.