Local Scouts earn Pottery merit badge

Members of Boy Scout Troop 22 met with Johnny Dobson at the Harris Arts Center recently to complete their Pottery merit badge. The Scouts had worked on the Pottery merit badge during summer camp and needed to learn how a kiln operates and how to start one to ‘fire’ their works; if using that type of clay.

Dobson, who is a member of the Harris Arts Center and teaches classes there, was kind enough to meet the Scouts at the Arts Center and give them the instructions needed to complete the final requirement for the merit badge. In the process, he displayed different types of clays which would require a variety of types of treatments and temperatures for the completion process. He then demonstrated the process of layering the items in the kiln and programming it accordingly.

The Harris Arts Center is home to the Roland Hayes Museum, Ratner Theater, art galleries, classrooms and rental spaces. Boy Scout Troop 22 is sponsored by Calhoun First United Methodist Church.