Local Scouts earn Merit Badge

Scouts and volunteers from Boy Scout Troop 22 met on two consecutive Saturdays in January to participate in a Merit Badge College event. The Scouts were able to open, progress through requirements, and – in some cases – actually complete the merit badges in two workdays.

Split into morning and afternoon sessions, the Scouts worked on merit badges such as Aviation, Cooking, Weather, Electricity, Emergency Preparedness, Citizenship in the World, Surveying, Fishing, and Personal Management – four of which are required badges for becoming an Eagle Scout.

Merit Badge College allows the Scouts and Merit Badge Counselors to concentrate time and effort into completing the requirements for specific merit badges certain Scouts may need or wish to achieve. Holding the sessions on consecutive Saturdays gave the Scouts time to complete any requirements that may need ‘homework’ – such as a home inspection for the Electricity merit badge where the Scout goes through his own home and checks off a safety list regarding possible overloaded outlets, frayed cords, and appropriate light bulb usage; among others. Scouts achieving the Weather merit badge had the opportunity to observe weather conditions for a week, using a weather vane they made during the first session, and chart their results. The Scouts who did the Cooking merit badge prepared delicious lunch both weekends for all participants while they learned meal planning, food preparation, and cooking safety.

The few requirements not fulfilled during the two Saturdays will be completed during regular meetings or on specialized field trips for specific merit badges. Boy Scout Troop 22 is sponsored by Calhoun First United Methodist Church.