Farm City group pic

Members of the Gordon County Young Farmers and school officials pose for a photo after County Commissioner Kevin Cunningham, seated from left, Gordon County Farm Bureau Board President Nevin Pulliam and Calhoun Mayor Jimmy Palmer signed a proclamation declaring Nov. 22-28 as Farm-City Week.

Calhoun Mayor Jimmy Palmer, Gordon County Commissioner Kevin Cunningham, and Gordon County Farm Bureau Board President Nevin Pulliam joined together Thursday evening to officially proclaim Nov. 22-28 as Farm-City Week.

The three individuals signed a proclamation during a Gordon County Young Farmers dinner and celebration at the Gordon County Farm Bureau office, complete with a variety of soups, sandwiches and desserts.

The proclamation, which was read aloud by Nathan Dupree, district field manager for Farm Bureau, lauded the partnerships required between farmers and their suburban and urban community partners and praised the impact agriculture and its related industries have on the world.

It read, in part: “During National Farm-City Week, we recognize the importance of this cooperative network. Agriculture employs more than 21 million workers, including farmers and ranchers, shippers, processors, marketers, retailers, truck drivers, inspectors and others who annually contribute more than $1 trillion to our gross domestic product. In Georgia, agriculture contributes more than $74 billion annually to the state’s economy.”

Hayes Carpenter, a Calhoun High School FFA member, also spoke about the history of Farm-City Week and the value that relationships between rural and urban partners adds to our lives. He said this week marks a time to recognize and celebrate those things.

“This week highlights the partnerships between our farmers and their partners in the city,” Carpenter said.

After signing the proclamation, Palmer said he was grateful for all that farmers do and he encouraged the students in attendance to take advantage of the scholarship opportunities that exist for agriculture programs.

Cunningham agreed, noting that he grew up on and worked on a farm, so he understands the challenge and the sacrifice that requires. He also praised the cooperation of everyone involved in the celebration of Farm-City Week.

“It’s good to see the city, the county and the schools come together as one,” Cunningham said.

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