Gordon County’s Titus Smith, left, and Whitfield County’s Nathaniel Neal, right, both recently earned Memory Master awards.

On Wednesday, April 19, Gordon County resident Titus Smith, age 11, and Whitfield County resident Nathaniel Neal, age 12, wrapped up 24 weeks of intensive memorization efforts by earning their Memory Master award through the Classical Conversations (CC) homeschooling curriculum.

“Memory Master” is an honor bestowed on Foundations students, ages 4-11, who have mastered all of the memory work during the 24 weeks of Foundations class. CC defines mastery of the information as having committed the information to long-term memory, which means the students do not study information to take a single test and then forget it when new information takes its place.

The amount of information CC asks the students to master is lengthy. They recite:

-The entire timeline of 161 events from creation to modern times;

-Twenty-four sentences about history to add depth to our timeline (including Charlemagne, Renaissance, Reformation and World Wars);

-Twenty-four science questions and answers (including biomes, astronomy, laws of motion and laws of thermodynamics);

-Multiplication tables through 15x15, plus squares and cubes, unit conversions, geometric formulas and math laws;

-Over 100 locations and geographic features in Europe, Asia and select parts of the world;

-Twenty-four definitions or lists from English grammar;

-Latin verb endings of the first conjugation;

-The forty-five U.S. presidents.

-Over 500 pieces of information!

Not to mention the other things they learned including exposure to drawing techniques and music theory, an introduction to orchestra and three classical composers, 12 science experiments and 12 other science projects including straw bridge construction.

In order to earn their Memory Master award, Smith and Neal had to recite all 24 weeks of information on four different occasions with four different people with no mistakes or errors.

The parents and entire Classical Conversations Calhoun Community are proud of the hard work and dedication it took to become a Memory Master for the 2016-17 school year. “By wisdom a house is built, and through understanding it is established; through knowledge its rooms are filled with rare and beautiful treasures.” Proverbs 24:3-4

Parents who would like to know what it is like for their children to learn through a Classical, Christian homeschooling model are welcomed to contact Katie Holsomback at khback17@hotmail.com for more information on the upcoming 2017-18 school year starting in August. Parents can also check out www.classicalconversations.com for more information.