Local Bible college holds graduation ceremony

Graduates of Booneford Bible College. PH.D Degree: Joel Garland, John Halliday. Doctorate Degree: Bobby Banks, Diann Quarles, Kevin Talley.-Master Degree Martha Buttrum, Bradley Stewart. Bachelor Degree: Tammy Halliday, Margaret Jones, Matthew McAbee. Three year study certificate: Michael Duvall, Annie Faucett, Tammie Jordan, Dale Stone. Associate Degree: Gail Bailey, Kenneth Bradley, Sabrina Duvall, Harold Holbert, Roger Peace. One year study certificate: Sheri Bradley, Rebecca Johns, Mary Quarles, Bryson Peace, Destin Summers.

Anyone interested in attending Bible College may call Leamon Smith 706-879-9290 or Gary Quarles at 706-263-6177. Registration will be held July 31st at 7pm at Booneford Baptist Church. Classes are each Monday at 7 p.m. and last about two hours.