Police news

A 14-year-old boy was arrested Friday by Calhoun police after being accused of waving a gun around outside businesses on Curtis Parkway.

According to Calhoun Police Department reports:

A Curtis Parkway business owner called 911 around 2:30 p.m. Friday to report that a boy had pulled a gun out of his waist band multiple times. The caller also reported the boy had waved the gun around.

The first officer on scene spotted the boy walking from NAPA Auto Parts to Family Savings Credit Union. The officer got out of the car and pulled his gun as he called for the boy to put his hands up. The boy had his hands on his waist, with a cellphone in one hand. The officer repeated his calls for the boy to raise his hands, which he eventually complied with as the officer approached.

The boy was held at gunpoint by the officer until additional units arrived moments later, at which point, the boy was arrested and taken to the Calhoun Police Department.

The original 911 caller told police that the boy had been walking in front of Flipper Pools, 1318 Curtis Parkway. When the boy saw the caller, he began walking toward vehicles in the parking lot as he pulled a black gun from his pants and started waving it in the air.

The boy then put the gun back in his pants and walked toward the NAPA store, heading to the back of it. The caller went to the NAPA store and told the employees of the situation before going to look for the boy himself. The caller found the boy behind the NAPA store, and when he saw the caller on the phone, the boy again pulled the gun from his pants and waved it around.

The caller went back into the NAPA store and had employees lock the doors until police arrived.

The name of the boy was not released by police.