Great Promise Partnership, a program of the Georgia Department of Community Affairs, has been helping young adults stay in school and find gainful employment for four years with success.

Under the leadership of Mike Beatty, former commissioner of GDC now the CEO and President of Great Promise Partnership, Calhoun City Schools will partner with GPP to provide additional support for students struggling to stay in school.

GPP’s website list the following information: “In partnership with numerous community and business leaders, DCA developed Great Promise Partnership to help at-risk students complete their high school education while gaining real-world job skills, thus gaining the ability to build successful lives. By forming public/private partnerships in communities across Georgia, we’re showing students that they have a place in Georgia’s economic future.”

Calhoun City Schools will be the second largest partnership for GPP.

“Calhoun City Schools believes in every child and will do whatever it takes to ensure their future success,” Dr. Michele Taylor, superintendent of Calhoun City Schools, said. “The Great Promise Partnership is a way for us to keep students in school and provide them with real world job skills and experiences to get them well equipped and prepared for life after high school.”

“The partnership will provide mentors and supportive adults and employers to help them be successful. We are appreciative of the support of GPP and look forward to a great partnership,” Taylor said.

According to Dr. Brittney Wilson, Chief Academic office for CCS, the system has been working with GPP to create their program since last year.

“We have identified potential student candidates and are working with GPP to maximize our business partners. Our goal through this venture is to provide career exploration, workforce development and post-secondary guidance to our students,” said Wilson. “The Great Promise Partnership and Calhoun City Schools are extremely excited about the opportunity to work together to provide our community with a skilled work force ready for the challenges of the 21st century. We strive to reach every student and search for all avenues to make them successful in life after high school. We are grateful that GPP is helping us provide another pathway for our students to continue a tradition of excellence,” Wilson said.